For 60 years, customer service has been the heart of what we do.

Our service department is factory-trained, award-winning and always up to date.  As times and equipment change, we change with the times.  We are Pro-Tech certified on the Konica Minolta line and Total Document Solution certified on the Kyocera line -- these are the highest service levels available.


What is the tag number and where do I find it?
The tag number is a device-specific reference number we use to track machines in the field. Each machine that leaves our building is assigned a number for quick reference in our supplies and service departments. You can find your tag number on the blue sticker, usually on the front of the machine. (Older devices may have a black sticker.) Please make sure to have this number handy when requesting service or ordering supplies.
What Does Maintenance contract cover?
While we offer several types of service contracts, our most popular is an all-inclusive contract that is billed based on the number pages the customer prints. These contracts cover most anything that can go wrong with the machine, including parts, labor and consumable supplies (toner and drums). NOTE: staples and paper are not included.
What issues might not be covered by a maintenance contract?
Our maintenance contracts cover issues with the physical machine. It is possible that scanning and printing problems associated with your network or PCs might not be covered by this contract. If you lose connectivity because of a problem with the machine, it will be covered by the maintenance contract; however, if the problem is network or PC-related, it will likely not be covered. Ask your sales representative about our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that cover network connectivity troubleshooting. Also, if you damage your machine or keep your machine in an excessively dirty environment, repairs may not be covered by the contract.
I have a new PC that I’d like to have print to my device, how do I do that
Our purchase price includes the installation of print drivers on up to 5 PCs; however, offices commonly add more PCs during the life of a printer or MFP. There are a number of ways to get printing. Probably the easiest is to add a printer through the Control Panel (Windows machines). Go to the Start Button > Control Panel>Printers and Other Devices>Click “Add Printer”> At this point, your PC will scan the network for available printers. You should be able to select the printer you want and Windows will search for the correct print driver. You can also go to our print driver’s page and select the brand of your device. Then, search for the model and your PC’s operating system. Download the driver. Unzip it and run the “setup” .exe file. You can always have a trained BBT technician install the drivers. Ask your sales representative about our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that cover network connectivity troubleshooting and additional driver installation.
Is toner included in my maintenance contract?
While some of our customers purchase labor-only contracts, the overwhelming majority have all-inclusive contracts that cover toner.
Can I “network” a device if I don’t have a server?
Yes. If you have a router with open ethernet ports, you can install a device on the network. You can also connect a device locally (directly to a PC) and share the resource with others on your network or in your workgroup.
How do you handle service calls with machines that are completely down?
Down machines receive special priority. Service technicians are dispatched to down machines ASAP. BBT has a long history of working with customers, even delivering replacement machines if repairs are expected to take longer than normal.
My MFP was scanning to a folder, now it’s not. Is this covered by a maintenance contract?
We do offer Service Level Agreement (SLA) contracts that cover network connectivity. Ask your sales representative for details. A typical SLA does not include connectivity issues unless they are caused by a faulty machine. The most common reason scanning might not work is a change in IP address or an account password change on the host PC.
I’m getting black streaks or lines on my copies and scans, but not on prints from my computer. What could be causing this?
If any part of the scanner glass or scanner lid has fingerprints, smudges, lint, dust, or other debris, this can slow performance and affect copy and scan quality. To resolve this issue, clean the ADF scanner glass strip, the white plastic ADF strip on the underside of the scanner lid, the underside of the scanner lid, and the scanner glass. Always use a lint-free cloth and a mild glass cleaner. Avoid rubbing alcohol, as it can leave streaks. If your streaks only appear when using the document feeder, the problem is likely a dirty Scan Strip (see image). Follow the same procedure listed above. If problem persists, please call our service department at 1-800-288-2712.