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DMConnect - Capture And Distribution Software
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DMConnect Overview

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Increasing efficiency and lowering costs in today’s document driven business workflow environment requires innovative tools.

DMConnect by Kyocera is one such tool.

DMConnect is an advanced capture, distribution, and workflow solution that’s powerful, easy-to-use, and capable of streamlining business processes.

DMConnect has the ability to capture, process, and intelligently route documents and information directly from an MFP or through various, interactive digital sources, making it a solution that helps any business or organization better manage their information and document workflows.

Deliver extraordinary value with DMConnect and open the door to opportunities for your organization!

Key Features

  • Simple & Advanced: Create dynamic business workflows that can incorporate user decision making through a simple and secure web interface.
  • MFP Capture: Scan and index documents securely and directly at the Kyocera MFP using the DMConnect HyPAS Application.
  • Digital Capture: Pick up documents and information from the DMConnect Portal, Email, Hot Folders, Windows Explorer, FTP, and mobile devices.
  • Automatic Indexing: Extract metadata through Forms Recognition, Barcode Recognition, or Data Look-Up.
  • Advanced OCR: Convert hard-copy and electronic documents into editable and usable digital information.
  • Intelligent Routing: Distribute digital information to the cloud, document management systems, or into workflows.
  • Document Access Portal: Search and retrieve documents submitted into workflows, view pending tasks, participate in workflows by making decisions on important business documents, and upload documents and information for processing.
  • Enhanced features make organizing, retrieving and utilizing data and documents seamless and error-free.
  • Users can leverage 1D or 2D barcodes printed on documents for automatic job separation and intelligent routing.
  • Automatic routing allows users to extract data, create folders, structure documents, and move files effortlessly.
  • Manual data-entry is reduced, saving time and effort.
  • Forms Recognition lets users extract a large amount of data from a document with little or no human input, saving time and speeding up document processing.
  • Users can leverage existing databases and Excel spreadsheets to validate or lookup data captured by DMConnect.