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Kyocera Device Manager - Network Device Management
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Kyocera Device Manager
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Kyocera Device Manager (KDM) is a server-based solution and an essential device management tool for mid- to large-sized enterprises, as it drastically simplifies the upkeep of large printer fleets.

KDM allows IT Managers to centrally monitor and administrate large fleets of devices from one remote location. The unified user interface can run on all the current popular browsers, like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome and will support a range of clients from, mobile to tablets, laptop, and desktop screens.

KDM offers the same features as Kyocera Net Admin, as well as more advanced features. With KDM, administrators can configure settings, and install applications, easily, to all or selected devices, from one user interface leaving the administrator free to focus on more demanding tasks.

  • Implements up-to-date IT Security Features:
    1. User password policy settings such as: “password length” or “must have at least one upper case letter”
    2. Enhanced audit logs to alert administrator of events from a user such as: “User XYZ changed their password”
    3. Import CA-issued certificate for secure transactions such as-confidential device address book information, when using the web-based user interface (KNA does not have this)
    4. SMTP over SSL support when receiving emails from KDM
  • Supports Multiple Web Browsers-Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge
  • Alerts and notifications – Automatically receive an email alert if an incident occurs such as so you can solve the problem before your employees are impacted.
  • Remote Deployment – HyPAS applications can be installed and activated remotely on multiple MFPs.
  • Distribute device settings or address books to multiple devices in one step.
  • Configure MFP settings, install applications, receive device alerts, and check toner levels